Fire Insurance: Are You Prepared For The Worst?

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House fires can happen at virtually any time and you may not be prepared for the worst. Many people lose their homes and possessions to fires that they were not prepared for in the slightest. This is why it might be a good idea to have fire coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. By having this type of coverage, you will be fully protected if a fire should ever ravage your home and leave you with nothing. This is why so many people are choosing to hold this type of coverage for themselves and their loved ones.

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How To Check Smoke Detectors In Your Home

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The smoke detector is one of the most effective and commonly used methods to protect families from house fires. But just like any piece of technology, smoke alarms are not always one hundred percent reliable. There are two types of smoke detectors- both battery powered and AC powered. The latter has a battery backup in case the power goes out, so you should always make sure that both batteries are always fully charged so that the smoke alarm is operational at all times.

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Fire Prevention: How to Use Home Appliances Safely

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Fires in the home are frequently caused by improper use of appliances. Here are some ways to make sure you are using home appliances safely.

- Every month make a check of all your electrical appliances. Concentrate your attention on the wiring for each appliance. Damaged appliance cords must be replaced before the appliance is used again.

- When you are not using an electrical appliance, make sure it is unplugged. do not use extension cords to supply electrical power to an appliance.

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Is Your Family Prepared In Case Of A House Fire?

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A house fire can happen at any time. It can be caused by a number of different things, including cooking mishaps, faulty electrical work or an unattended fireplace. Responsible homeowners need to be prepared in case of a fire, yet many put this off. Here are a few steps you can take to be prepared and keep your family safe in case of a house fire.

The first way to prepare for a house fire is to have the proper equipment installed in the home. All homes should have smoke detectors Read the rest of this entry »

Five Top Tips for Fire Proofing Your Home

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Fireproofing your home is taking steps to actively prevent fires from starting in your home and having measures in place to quickly extinguish any that can start. If you are building a new home, it is much easier to accomplish than retrofitting an older home. However, some of these tips apply to any home.

1. Sprinklers

Even brick homes have materials inside that burn. A sprinkler system is the number one fire protection system any home can have.

2. Fire Retardant Fabrics and Carpeting

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Kids And Fires: Things Every Child Should Know

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Fire safety is often taught in elementary school but should also be reinforced at home. After all, children are more likely to face a fire in their home than at school. The most important thing for a child to know about fire is that they should not attempt to hide from it.

Children who feel they are responsible for starting a fire may hide in their bedroom closet for fear that they will get into trouble with their parents. It is important to stress the dangers of hiding. It is very difficult for rescue crews Read the rest of this entry »

How to Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

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Teaching your children about fire safety is important to start as soon as they can understand. It is important to teach your children about fire safety and what your plan is, should you or them ever experience a fire. Fire safety doesn’t need to be a frightening topic.

When the child is old enough to understand the dangers of fire, explain to them how a fire begins, how fast a fire can spread, and how it can destroy or even kill. You need to teach them the dangers of playing with lighters or matches, and if Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal Safety: Fire Friendly Ways To Deck The Halls

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Christmas is a joyous time, but it can also be dangerous to those who decorate without regard to fire safety. Here are a few ideas to avoid a Christmas catastrophe.

Lights are very popular expressions of holiday cheer, but if you overdo it, you could be looking at a problem. Don’t overload your tree with more lights than it can handle. If you string up too many lights, you increase the risk of fire, either from the lights’ contact with the tree or the plugs’ contact with each other. An overloaded outlet can set off sparks, another way to Read the rest of this entry »